The Adventures of Nick and Sam
Welcome to Hope Springs
Looking for fun and engaging reading for your kids? The Augustine Institute is pleased to introduce The Adventures of Nick & Sam— first-reader books (ages 7+) that teach about the Faith through story and true-to-life adventures.
Nicholas and Samantha Perry, twins that have just moved to the fictional town of Hope Springs, Colorado, are likable and relatable kids who reflect the sensibilities and struggles of being Catholic in their small, quirky town. Young readers will journey along with Nick & Sam as they play out their Faith at St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church and School, with their neighborhood friends, and in the many recognizable circumstances that make the teachings of the Church come alive.
The series is perfect as a read-along experience, teaching your kids to read while also giving you a chance to talk to them about the Faith.
The fun begins here as we meet Nicholas and Samantha Perry during their first summer living in Hope Springs. Twins that have just moved to the fictional town of Hope Springs, Colorado, it is August and they are preparing to celebrate their birthday. Problems come up when the twins decide to sneak a peek at their birthday presents ahead of time, go unprepared on a hike in the mountains, and even run into a family of skunks! Fun and thoughtful, “Perfect Gifts” brings to life the importance of our choices, the consequences, the meaning of forgiveness and the reality of grace.
In this second book, the Perry twins begin a new school year at St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School. As they learn to adjust, the twins take on a class assignment that teaches them about their family history and the town of Hope Springs. Nick tries to help his friend Brad understand faith better. Sam learns new things about her friend Kim, whose parents are in China. Through their parents, their teacher, and a quirky handyman named Mr. Norm, the twins and their friends see why the “past is always present” when it comes to trusting God.
In the third book, Nick and Sam encounter Advent in a whole new way as Sam competes with her best friend in the school Christmas pageant, Nick hopes to play an angel that actually flies, the search for a Christmas tree leads to danger, and the Perry family traditions take on a whole new meaning of joy.